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History of the On Demand Group

In 2019 AJ and Michelle Scorringe joined the ownership team of On Demand Training and have expanded the scope of the business. They bring a passion for helping people and have made links with Government Agencies to train and develop candidates. Their programmes help job seekers to gain industry accreditations and licences which results in many people successfully exit government assistance and move into sustainable employment in the transport and logistics industry. Furthermore, since 2018 they have been successfully running Gateway programs for secondary schools, these programmes have supported students to transition from school into employment.

On Demand is 100% kiwi owned and operated and Kosta and Tanya are very proud to say that they are not a big corporation that sends its profits overseas. Today On Demand Logistics is a group of three companies who service all aspects of the wider Logistics industry.

  • On Demand Recruitment - Providing staffing solutions
  • On Demand Training - Upskilling and licencing, employment support
  • On Demand Transport - Our owner driver model
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